Baby Massage

When can I start baby massage?

You can start baby massage from birth – if you have any queries about this, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk you through what we’ll be doing in a class session.

 How long is the course?

The baby massage course runs for five weeks on week days. I do recommend that you attend every class but, if you do miss a week, we will go over all the massage strokes that you are learning and you will have the opportunity to ask me to go over any strokes you aren’t sure of. Each session is an hour long.

What happens in a class?

In each session, you will massage your own baby. Using a soft-bodied doll, I will demonstrate and talk you through gentle movements that will benefit your baby. Each week, you will learn massage strokes for a different part of the body and, to ensure that you feel confident with your massage strokes, we will also recap on the strokes learned in previous weeks. This way you slowly build up your knowledge in a way that is gentle for the baby.

Once you and your baby have completed the course, you will feel confident using this new skill which will last you a lifetime as well as feeling very comfortable with your baby’s communication cues.

 How many people are in the class?

I run small group sessions, with a maximum of three parents plus their baby(ies) per class. I also run larger group sessions with a maximum of eight parents plus babies in other sessions. Private sessions or small group sessions can be arranged in your own home if requested.

What is included in the price?

  • Full course handout pack

  • Unscented pure organic vegetable oil

  • Drinks and refreshments