What people say about The Happy Parents’ Club ….

What people say about The Happy Parents’ Club ….

Rose and Ada (02.09.19)

Lovely baby massage class in relaxed environment at Jacquelines home. No problem if your baby doesn’t want to be massaged every session as there are dolls to practice on. Jacqueline is great at going over the different massage techniques as much as you want, there is no rush to get things done within the hour. Have recommended to my friends!

Mel and Margo (17.06.19)

A fantastic baby massage course that I would thoroughly recommend. Jacqueline was extremely friendly, helpful, flexible and understanding of a new mother’s needs! The teaching was clear and supported by resources that we got to keep :-D The massage particularly helped my little one who had been suffering from painful gas. I started the course when my baby was just a few weeks old which means that I have lots of time to do it with her :-D A wonderful experience....thank you Jacqueline!!!! We will miss our sessions with you.

Beth and Dottie (16.04.19)

Thank you so much, Jacqueline. We’ve loved it and will definitely be using our new skills at home regularly. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know you - you’ve been great with Dottie.3

Miri and Izzy (15.03.19)

We can highly recommend The Happy Parents' Club /Jacqueline. We had a very nice experience learning baby massage. We received lots of very useful and practical advice and reassurance and my baby daughter still enjoys the baby massage now.

Baby massage is part of our bedtime routine still but I often do a feet massage for my baby after a nappy change as my baby loves it.

Baby massage helped my baby when she was very colicky.

Jacqueline is very kind,caring and knowledgeable.Her advice came at the right time when we needed it most. Thank you sooo much for your help Jacqueline.

Casie and Tom (28.02.19)

We were lucky enough to be clients of THPC last March 2018 when I was pregnant with our first baby. We booked onto the five week hypnobirthing course with Jacqueline, not really knowing what to expect. 

We were pleasantly surprised (especially my husband who is a bit sceptical) and now can’t recommend this course enough to everyone! 

We learned how to hypnobirth and, something we weren’t expecting, was how educational about the birthing process the course would be. 

We had such a positive experience that we chose to have a home birth as we felt so confident about labour. 

I had an incredible experience giving birth to my son and attribute this to the hypnobirthing techniques we used. Thank you to THPC! We have a very jolly and content son and I’m sure this is because he had such a lovely arrival into the world.

Jo and Toby (19.07.19)

Jacqueline was always very friendly/welcoming and reasssuring - especially when the babies were not ready to be massaged (e.g. sleeping/feeding). She was very happy to answer any questions. I really enjoyed the programme and look forward to continuing to use massage to bond with my baby as he grows.

Claire and Ed (13.05.19)

Jacqueline taught me baby massage for my first child. It quickly became our favourite time of the day! Not only is it calming for both of you but it really brings a sense of togetherness. Jacqueline was calm, caring and intuitive- she broke it down for us created a lovely learning experience for us. Would definitely recommend.

Jenny and Harry (12.04.19)

We took part in a baby massaging class with Jacqueline when my baby was a few months old. The classes were fantastic and we learnt so much!! My little boy suffered a bit from colic so some of the massaging techniques we learnt were invaluable in helping him become more comfortable and a happy baby! Highly recommended! X

Louise and Olivia (10.04.19)

We have just completed a five-week baby massage class. Olivia being six and half months when starting, I was really worried about her losing focus but Jacqueline is so calm and welcoming Olivia really surprised me, taking everything in and enjoying the massages.

It’s such a lovely, welcoming, relaxing class, it’s very informative and I felt like I learnt something every week. All the mums being relaxed have the quiet time with their babies. Although I spend all day with Olivia, it’s nice just to have that quiet time away from technology, the hustle of everyday life, to appreciate the little things. 

Thank you so much Jacqueline for the last five weeks. It was a pleasure to meet you! Me and Olivia will miss not seeing you on a Wednesday.

Eleanor and Chris (06.03.19)

The hypnobirthing course we did through The Happy Parents' Club completely altered our mindset around labour, (as much for my husband as for me!)

We didn't end up doing any additional antenatal classes, as this provided us with all the confidence, reassurance and knowledge we needed to have a very calm birth.

I've recommended it to all my pregnant friends!

Thank you, Jacqueline :)