Childbirth has the potential to be the most amazing experience of a woman’s life. It should be seen as a natural, normal event, not something to be faced with fear and trepidation.

Hypnosis training includes using positive images and thoughts, breathing techniques, visualisation and deep relaxation. It prepares both the mind and the body to work in the way that nature intended and helps birthing mothers to feel in control, even when medical intervention is required. Research has shown that feeling in control during childbirth is associated with positive feelings about birth.

Women using hypnosis will learn to reach deep levels of relaxation that will help to eliminate the fear which causes tension and pain. By being calm, confident and in control, you and your birth partner will be equipped to navigate your labour and birth. Hypnobirthing teaches parents how to tune into, and trust, their instincts. This approach can also affect the way you parent and the adults your children grow into.

When it comes to birth, women are ultimately the experts in their own bodies and, given full information that is based on fact and not pre-determined by our culture, media or perceptions, will make the choices that are right for them and their babies. Nobody can promise you a perfect birth but hypnobirthing will enable you to have the best birth for you and your baby – you will finish my course knowing that you have the ability to create a positive, joyful experience.

I follow the easibirthing® hypnobirthing programme, a complete antenatal education programme, which was developed in collaboration with midwives to reflect UK midwifery practices.


Easibirthing® classes are structured but also friendly and informal. You’ll learn exactly why your body does what it does, as well as learning all about the physical and emotional aspects of birth. Each birth is unique, and Easibirthing® is about empowering you to manage your individual experience, not fear it. 

Learning hypnobirthing techniques will:

  • help you to reduce or eliminate any fears you have about labour

  • significantly reduce or eliminate the need for medication, which reduces the risk of side effects for both mother and baby

  • increase the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth, reducing the need for intervention

  • shorten the period of labour by reducing fear and anxiety during each stage

  • enable the mother to be more alert and calm during the birthing process, creating a more peaceful birthing environment

  • promote lactation for breastfeeding.


Classes run week day evenings on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for five weeks or two half day Saturdays. The cost of the courses are per couple or individual.

Private courses are available and usually run over three two hour sessions. Please contact me directly to arrange dates and times.

I believe that everyone should have access to hypnobirthing as it has far-reaching benefits for both birth mothers and partners. If you are unable to pay the full price, please contact me as I will be happy to look at an alternative payment schedule.

  1. One weekday evening over five weeks (6.30-8pm).

  2. Two weekly half-day Saturday classes (10am - 2pm).

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