A birth is a birth however it happens!


During my hypnobirthing classes, I talk about the process and the progress of birth. The end aim is that you have a vaginal birth utilising all the tools you have learned with me and your own inner resources to have the best birth that you can under whatever circumstances present.

However, I also try to prepare my clients for unexpected eventualities such as forceps, ventouse and caesareans. This is why I always say that I will help you to have a positive birth, the best birth you can, under whatever circumstances present. Because things can happen, things can change and so I want you to be prepared and understand what is going on, to be able to ask all the questions about any changes that are taking place and planned interventions.

You are in charge of your own birth and you are the one who is allowed to make your own decisions about your birth, so the more information you have, the better the decisions you will be able to make.

So what if this preferred vaginal birth you hoped for doesn’t happen? Does it matter? Have you really given birth if your baby arrives in this world via caesarean? Well, of course you have! It doesn’t matter how your baby is born - a baby is born whether it is vaginally or by caesarean.

The dictionary definition of birth is: the emergence of a baby or other young from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being. It says nothing about how the birth takes place.

During my hypnobirthing sessions, I explain what happens during a caesarean and what the after-effects can be. One of these is that, sometimes, women who have emergency c-sections can feel quite dejected because their birth wasn’t as they imagined. This is why I encourage expectant parents to talk about birth preferences, not plans, because this means they will talk about their choices well before the birth and what they would like to happen should labour take an unexpected turn of events. They’re prepared!

If you’ve taken a hypnobirthing course and are all up for a home water birth but then you have to go into hospital; if you’ve planned a drug-free hospital birth but then decide you want medicated pain relief as well as using your hypnobirthing resources; it’s all okay. You can use everything you’ve learned in hypnobirthing if you have a caesarean and it also works well alongside medicated pain relief. If you need it, then go for it - this is your birth!

However you give birth to your child, it is still a birth. You have grown a human being, you have birthed a human being, and that is an absolute miracle. Hypnobirthing will help you to have the best and most positive birth you can, under whatever circumstances present, no matter how your baby comes into the world. It is an amazing thing that you have done.

After all, a birth is a birth however it happens!