How could anyone ever tell you, you were less than whole?

Songs for the Inner Child.jpg

I’ve been on a professional development course this weekend around fertility and I’ve come back wondering how on earth the human race has survived for so long. There are so many barriers to conception and then birth, which I’ll write about later (as well as so many things that can be so awesomely overcome!).

For now though, the whole weekend made me think even more about how precious our babies and children are. Each and every one of us has been through a mammoth effort to exist and to survive.

There’s a song by Shaina Noll (an American transpersonal psychologist) that resonates with me deeply: it’s called How Could Anyone. Have a listen, see what you think - shouldn’t we all be thinking about our children like this and then thinking in the same vein about people generally across the whole world? I’ll leave this with you!