Space clearing so my brain works!


You can always tell how well I’m working and how much I’ve got going on in my mind when you see the room I’m working in. If it’s full of clutter but nothing has been put away properly, if there are books all over the table and piles of paperwork, you’ll know that there are lots of things going on in my mind but not a lot of productivity. As soon as I put everything into some sort of order, I am then able to put everything that’s in my head down on paper and start to action it.

Having just completed a massive clear out and tidy up in my work room, and having (almost) cleared my head of all the tasks that I need to do to improve my business and increase my client base, it occurred to me that this physical space clearing I’ve been doing is akin to the emotional space clearing I perform before meeting with clients.

Prior to welcoming my baby massage or hypnobirthing clients I always clear the space of any negative energies. Depending on which room or venue I’m working in, I may burn sage, which was historically used by native Americans to clear the air of negativity. Sometimes I burn a rose essential oil scented candle: when used in aromatherapy, rose oil boosts self-esteem, confidence and mental strength and brings positivity into people’s lives. At other times, I will use lavender essential oil in a diffuser to clear out old energy; lavender is also relaxing so will help to prevent negative energy coming into the room.

I also use Tibetan ting-shas around the perimeter of the room, ringing the cymbals slowly so that the vibrations and resonant sound will cleanse the negative energies and replace them with good vibrations and a positive flow.

This is part of the ritual that sets me up so that I greet clients feeling positive about the work that we will be doing at the session. It helps to focus my mind on my teaching so that I am fully present for my clients.

Why don’t do I this regularly for myself in order to ensure that I clear any negativity that may have accumulated as I work through ideas? Like many people, I am guilty of procrastination and I’m also very good (bad?) at starting one thing and jumping on to another task. Yes, I have my lists but it’s fair to say that I don’t work through these methodically so sometimes my work space becomes cluttered, just like my mind.

Once my work space is free of clutter and everything is in its place, I do work better than when in a messy environment. The clutter, for me, can be draining, I can feel paralysed by it. When an area is clear, when the worktop or table is tidy, I feel much more relaxed and work harder. Decluttering and filing everything away mentally prepares me for the work I have to do. It also provides a sense of accomplishment, which itself translates into motivation.

This sense of head clearing is important for my mental health. I used to run regularly, which was fantastic and, although I take part in regular Pilates sessions, I don’t find it clears my head in the same way. I’m unable to run at the moment as I have developed arthritis in my knees and even taking long walks is taking its toll – perhaps it will be better in the summer with the warmer weather and I may start to run/walk again.

As a new parent, or preparing for parenthood, it is important that you take some time out to ‘clear your head’. Whether this is through exercise, mediation/mindfulness, having a leisurely bath, reading a book, or space clearing - take time for you. There is so much going on in life, so many things to think about and, as a parent, you’ve also got the responsibility of taking care of your precious little one(s). You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first.

As for me, I’m going to make sure I clear my work space of negative energies before I begin work so that I have positive energy around me, just as I do for when I greet my clients.